The COPYRIGHT in Mass Asia Resource Ltd.
Mass Asia Resource Ltd has been a reliable manufacturer and exporter of seasonal products since 1992. Mass Asia Resource Ltd offers a full range of dressing costumes and accessories in high quality and safety standards.

Product Development

Mass Asia continuously creates innovative dressing up items and improves its product designs. For our ODM customers, Mass Asia Resource Ltd provides full services for product concept through out the entire production process. Our experienced sales team is able to develop samples in an efficiently.

Production Capacity and Quality

Our factory is locates in Dongguan which is nearby Shenzhen, China, only 30 minutes driving distance is needed to drive from Hong Kong border. Our production capacity is about 20,000 costumes per month. Around 100 well-trained workers committed to deliver high quality outputs. An efficient and effective quality control system is well established.

Mass Asia Resource Ltd maintains strong networking relationships with fabric suppliers and it's sister factories for screen printing, embroidery, EVA foam etc. Our overseas customers mainly are come from U.K. and Europe.

Safety Standard
Our dressing up item are developed and made for children aged 3 to 12. Therefore, high safety standards are at top priorities. Laboratory fabric tests ensure that the fabric performs to meet up with the public standard where as we also apply the Broken Needle Policy on daily basis for QC control.

Mass Asia has started process ICTI Project for our factory since 2011. The factory has successfully passed the audit and was granted the ICTI Care certificate in March 2012.

Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact our sales manager - Ms Angel Lee, Email: